When I was around 30 years old, I was diagnosed with kerataconus, a progressive degenerative eye disease which can lead to blindness. There is no known cure. For 20 years my vision gradually deteriorated, complications ensued, surgeries were completed.

Throughout, my medical teams were generally exceptional. They gave me phenomenal care and have been a huge gift in my life, for which I am extremely grateful.

However, at one point after I experienced complications and was seeing poorly in one eye, a medical professional said those dreaded words: “Judy, there’s nothing more we can do. You’ll just have to learn to live with it.”

Live with it? Never read or see clearly? My heart sunk.

But after a while, my despair turned to defiance.  I determined I was not going to give up without a fight.

Taking a piece of poster board, I painted it with colorful swirls. I then numbered it from 1 to 100 and began making a list of all of the things I could do to either heal or help myself thrive.

#1 Breathe
#2 Blink more
#3 Have another surgery
#4 Wear a temporary eye patch
#5 Purchase large print software program

I continued to add to the list over the course of ten years. Some ideas I tried for a short while. Others I continue to this day. Though some challenges persist, my vision is now great in many ways – thanks both to treatment and the poster board list of 100 ways to thrive that set me on a path towards living fully.

Once I experienced first-hand the power of focusing on ways I could thrive, regardless of the status of my vision, I decided that everyone deserves support in identifying their own personal ways to thrive.

As a result, I now offer 50 Ways to Thrive as one option for life coaching sessions.