Prior to life coaching, I was feeling lost at work. I didn’t feel good about my job and was unhappy, confused, stuck and ambivalent. I didn’t feel I was working to my potential and didn’t know whether I wanted to leave or stay, or what I could do to make it better.  I wanted a stronger voice at work and in my life.

As a result of coaching, I came away feeling safe in the world, something I didn’t know before.  Judy helped me find my powerful voice. Last year when my organization was trying to balance their budget, one of my staff people was eliminated. Instead of sitting by and feeling helpless, I advocated for my program and saved the position. That was very powerful for me.

Life coaching with Judy helped me set clear boundaries. It was a hard change  but as a result, I’m happier at work and in my life.   I liked the coaching process a lot. Judy asks important questions and I discovered most of the answers for myself, with her support. Judy is a great listener. She doesn’t hesitate to help me explore new and challenging issues. She is open to work with me wherever I need to focus. Working with Judy is a true partnership.

As a result of life coaching, I learned what I wanted for myself and am no longer influenced so much by other people’s feelings, preferences, and ideas. Now I’m able to talk with my husband and other family members without forgetting about my own needs. I’ve learned to be more authentic. I speak up more often and tell people the truth about what I’m feeling and thinking, rather than hide or go silent.

Judy is gentle in a very positive and powerful way, but not afraid to ask hard questions and help people achieve whatever they want, no matter how difficult it may seem as first. She never lets you lose sight of what you want.