I have been a coaching client with Judy since 2008, when I was transitioning careers. She has been very helpful in this process. She provides great listening skills, insights and is always present in our sessions. She is very conscientious, considerate and thoughtful. She has a great sense of humor and compassion. She is always on my side and is willing to help me explore different perspectives and options.

During this journey, we discussed and I took action on many issues. At various times in the coaching process, we focused on enjoying life, setting priorities, having confidence, loving myself and being gentle with myself. I also set goals about money, changing my approach to health, and improving relationships.

Judy helped me make decisions about my next steps, which direction I wanted to go. She helped me decide what UI wanted to do to get the results I desired, and occasionally gave homework, but she is very forgiving when the dog eats your homework!

Judy helped me in the job search process a great deal. Her coaching made it possible for me to be more effective in applying for jobs and especially be more confident, enthusiastic and effective in communicating my strengths during interviews.

With Judy’s guidance, I was able to be successfully land satisfying new jobs and eventually change my career path. I worked part-time in the as a school psychologist while I transitioned into being a full time realtor. Her support and guidance helped me a lot during this transition. Now, four years later, I am a full time realtor, enjoying life and very grateful for my gifts and my life.