Letting Go of Grudges and Resentments
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In the process of living, it is inevitable that sooner or later we will all experience a variety of hurts and challenges. Are you holding on to a grudge against someone? Do you feel resentful towards a person or group of people who has hurt you? Do you want to help yourself or others find forgiveness or freedom from hurting? Do you want to strengthen your “forgiveness attitude” so you can better address the small slights and bigger hurts in life?

In this workshop, we’ll explore ways to reduce hurt and helplessness, let go of anger, and find more peace. Research has shown that practices related to forgiveness and letting go of hurt can lead to better health, increased energy and clarity, more satisfying relationships, more effectiveness and a greater sense of peace. This workshop provides practical tools and strategies to resolve past hurts, build confidence in ourselves, and live fully.

Who Should Attend
This workshop is appropriate for adults and older teenagers who want a better understanding of forgiveness and letting go of hurts and resentments. It is also appropriate for non-profit staff, community leaders, social workers, counselors, mediators, human resources staff and other professionals who want to assist people in the forgiveness process.

Workshop Objectives

  • Understand the benefits of letting go of grudges and resentments
  • Explore what forgiveness is and debunk common myths about forgiveness
  • Know the common stages in the forgiveness process and how they can help you let go of grudges and resentments
  • Learn practical ways to let go of and resolve grudges and resentments
  • Plan your next steps in letting go of past hurts

Presenter: Judy Brodkey, Master of Social Services
Judy brings over 20 years of experience in coaching people, leading workshops and facilitating groups on forgiveness, grief and loss, change and transition, and other topics. As a Life Coach with Live Fully Coaching, she helps people learn, grow and thrive by helping them reach their goals. She previously served as Adjunct Instructor in the Portland State University Graduate Program in Conflict Resolution; Training & Development Consultant at Oregon Health & Sciences University; and Executive Director of the Oregon Mediation Association.

Free Bonus Resource!
After the workshop, participants will receive an electronic packet with many practical ideas and resources for letting go of grudges and resentments.

What Past Attendees Have Said About These Workshops
“Judy shared simple, powerful, practical tools to help us become more forgiving in our daily lives. She was a wonderful guide to discovery and learning.”

“This session helped me understand the underlying issues related to resentment and grudges and why becoming a more forgiving person is so important to my well-being. I was a little stuck before but now I have ideas for letting go of a particularly hurtful experience.”

“Judy teaches this life-changing workshop with warmth and joy, creating a sense of community and safety.”

” I was able to resolve so much anger and hurt with the tools Judy shared. I can’t imagine how long that would have taken without your help and who else I might have inadvertently hurt in the process.”

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