META-Health Therapy Wheel

Do you have a health issue you want to resolve? Do you want to learn to use your mind and body’s wisdom to help you heal? Do you want to discover lifestyle changes that can improve your health?

What is META-Health?

META-Health is about the art, science and practice of healing, with a focus on how our emotions, stress triggers, beliefs and social environment affect specific symptoms.  If you want to better understand and take charge of your health, a META-Health Analysis Session can be a valuable addition to Live Fully life coaching sessions.

META-Health helps you heal yourself and take charge of your overall health in simple, new and powerful ways. It teaches you why illness and symptoms occur, what you can do to improve them, and how you can take an active part in your own health. When you are META-healthy, you understand the specific ways your mind, body and social environment are interconnected, and you take conscious actions for self-healing and personal growth.

META-Health principles and practices can be used together with other health approaches, including traditional, integrative and alternative medicine.

The First Step: A META-Health Analysis Session

The first step in becoming META-healthy is a META-Health Analysis Session. This powerful session focuses on you and a specific symptom you are experiencing. The session lasts approximately an hour and can be held by phone, Skype, or in person.


Your META-Health Session will help you:

  • Discover why you became ill or developed symptoms
  • Understand the meaning and root causes behind your symptoms
  • Identify specific emotions, beliefs and thought patterns that are connected to your symptoms
  • Find out what specific experiences or stresses trigger your symptoms
  • Become aware of the two key phases in the healing process
  • Reduce worry and stress as you learn to trust your body’s wisdom
  • Identify specific actions you can take for self-healing and increased vitality
  • Get support in achieving your desired health outcomes

A META-Health Session gives you tools and understanding to heal from illness or symptoms and take control of your health.

Schedule Your META-Health Session

Contact me to learn more or schedule your META-Health Session. I’ll send you information about the fee and what you’ll need to set up your session.