Having Judy as my Life Coach was a wonderful experience. She was just what I needed. At that time, I was feeling overwhelmed with life and some of what was happening to me.  I knew that I needed to find my balance again. That’s when I found Judy. She helped me focus on what was truly important…being kind to myself. She taught me the importance of taking care of myself.

I was a mom, spouse, daughter, teacher, and I always put the needs of others over my own, and I started to feel unappreciated. I was giving and giving, but not receiving much for myself. Judy helped me to focus on how I needed to be loving and kind towards myself as well.

Judy’s Life Coaching skills were perfect for me. She helped me realize what was good about myself which I just didn’t see at the time.

Negative emotions were crowding my spirit, blocking me, and pulling me to a place that I did not like. Judy guided me on my personal journey by keeping me focused on the specific goals I choose for myself and some of my goals challenged me, but Judy never gave up and never let me give up on myself. She knew just how to encourage me and help me find my own wisdom so I could get what I wanted for myself.

I feel very lucky to have worked with Judy and am grateful for out coaching time.  Today when I feel overwhelmed with life’s challenges, as we all do at times, I feel fortunate to look back at what I have learned from coaching and remember to embrace myself with loving kindness which Judy helped me find in myself.