I’ve been coaching with Judy for several years. The biggest emphasis for my coaching has been self-care. Judy helped me recognize when I am working against my own best interests, and then to take the time I need to evaluate the situation, decide on a reasonable course of action, follow through, and allow myself plenty of room for small accomplishments and temporary missteps. She helps me celebrate even small successes, and appreciate how they accumulate and grow into big successes.

Always with my best interests in mind, Judy has given me small nudges towards the results I want. That has altered my trajectory toward a healthier life. I have learned to recognize both old self-defeating patterns and positive developments in my actions and attitudes. As a person with high standards, I am learning that in order to be compassionate with others, I must first be compassionate with myself. Judy’s coaching helps me figure out how to do that.

Balance is something that has been elusive in the past, but is now within reach. Judy helps me understand my motivations for the choices I make and consider them in light of achieving a better balance between the various facets of my life.

She is skillful at bringing me back to center when I have strayed to old habits or unhelpful thought processes. She helps me understand myself and make decisions that serve my best interests. Above all, she reminds me of my own value, helps me recognize my strengths and gently guides me to take action based on those strengths.

Judy’s unwavering caring support and perceptive guidance gives me the confidence to approach new opportunities and choose new paths to get successful results. I’ve come a long way as a result of coaching with her.