Live Fully Coaching is for people who want to achieve their goals, live a full and satisfying life, and find more balance and peace.

What is life coaching?

A life coach provides collaborative support and guidance. My life coaching services have been beneficial to people with a variety of issues and interests. What you achieve depends on your specific needs and goals. With professional life coaching you can experience:

  • Greater ease in setting and achieving effective goals
  • Increased self-awareness and self-discovery
  • More effectiveness as a leader or social activist
  • More kindness and compassion toward yourself
  • More fulfillment and a sense of peace
  • A stronger sense of healthy boundaries
  • Life lived with mindfulness, wellness and balance
  • Improved health and well-being
  • Moving from fear to action
  • More authentic, healthy and satisfying relationships
  • The freedom that comes with forgiving
  • Change or improvement in your work or career
  • Successful navigation of a life transition

How does life coaching work?

During coaching sessions, you will set personal goals, assess your progress, deepen your learning to address obstacles, gain more self-awareness, and celebrate your successes. You will learn and practice new tools and strategies to help you move forward and continue taking action until you achieve the results you want.

What You Get with Live Fully Coaching

  • Three or four coaching sessions – up to one hour each – per month to keep you accountable and on track to achieve your goals.
  • Clear, specific, often enjoyable action steps identified during your coaching sessions
  • Weekly mini-assignments to increase your knowledge, build your skills and move you toward your desired results.
  • Optional interim email check-ins which help you stay connected, resolve questions and celebrate your success.

Some people find they want just a few months of life coaching. However, many are so excited about their results that they continue the process for a year or longer.

I work with clients in person, over the phone or via Skype. No matter where you live, you can use life coaching to live fully, achieve wellness and reach your goals.

Move forward to live fully and achieve wellness. Take YOUR NEXT STEP and schedule a Free Introductory Life Coaching Session. Experience the power and potential of coaching during this free session.

Do You Have a Chronic or Serious Health Issue?

Do you have a chronic or serious health that sometimes gets in the way of your living full? Life Coaching sessions can be especially tailored to help you live fully, even with a significant health issue.  Check out Fifty Ways to Thrive and see how you can use life coaching to live a satisfying life and thrive.